Former Prime Minister Imran Khan Urges The Youth To Join ‘Tiger Force’ Through Its Website

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan urges the youth to join ‘Tiger Force’ through its website

Imran Khan has urged young people to sign up for the Tiger Force in a video message posted on Twitter.

Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI, has asked young people to join the party's Tiger Force in order to thwart anticipated attempts to rig the impending by-elections in Punjab and the nation's next general elections.

Imran Khan has urged young people to sign up for the Tiger Force right away in a video message, saying that young people "especially women" will be held accountable for the Punjab by-elections.

The PML-N and PPP, according to the former prime minister, have been imposed on the people and have stayed as the slaves of the West for 30 years.

The NAB, the court system, and other institutions have all been devastated by these two parties, who have "sucked people's blood." He asserted that there was no accountability for cases involving Rs 16 billion in assets and that they had been buried.

He expressed regret that the administration had brought eight to nine cases against him and had established a setting where "opposition is finished."

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