Pakistan’s Desire For Peace Shouldn’t Be Taken As Its Weakness: Prime Minister Shehbaz

Pakistan’s desire for peace shouldn’t be taken as its weakness: Prime Minister Shehbaz

The PM conveyed how proud and safe the public felt because of the military forces of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif revealed that the nation is immensely proud of its military forces for making Pakistan’s defense impenetrable and for being instrumental in the war against terrorism.

He was speaking at the Pakistan Naval academy's passing out parade for the 117th Midshipman and 25th Short Service Commission courses.

The Prime Minister claimed that in the current era of a constantly expanding blue economy, marine security, and strategic defense, the Pakistan Navy has an even more crucial role to play.

He claimed that the government's top objective is to equip the Pakistan Navy with cutting-edge equipment for defending the nation's maritime frontiers.

We believe in peace and peaceful cohabitation, but this should not be interpreted as a sign of our frailty, according to Shehbaz Sharif. He asserted that the Pakistani Armed Forces are adequately equipped to handle any situation.

According to the prime minister, only when there is widespread peace can we go on the path to wealth and progress.

The Prime Minister previously gave a review of the Guard of Honor and gave awards to the graduating cadets for their outstanding performance.

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