Four People Drown At Karachi’s Sea View Beach

Four people drown at Karachi’s Sea View Beach

7 people were part of the incident at Karachi’s Sea View Beach. 4 drowned, 2 got rescued, while one is missing.

It was revealed on Thursday, the day after Karachi experienced its first brief monsoon rain, that four men drowned while swimming in the sea close to Benazir Park in the Clifton neighborhood.

Apart from the 4 drowned men, two unconscious men were saved. Meanwhile, one individual is being sought after, according to rescuers.

Late on Wednesday night, the crew started a rescue effort but subsequently called it off since it was getting dark. This morning, the operation was resumed.

Four of a group of seven men's bodies have so far been found, according to the rescuers, while two more have been found unconscious.

Saifullah and Riaz, two of the deceased, have been recognized; the identities of the other two are unknown.

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