Sindh Coastal Development Authority Decides To Plant Palm Trees Over 1000 Acres In Thatta

Approximately 60,000 trees will be planted under the project.

Sindh's Coastal Development Authority (CDA) has agreed to grow palm trees on 1000 acres of land in the Thatta district.

A meeting of the Coastal Development Authority, chaired by province minister Ismail Rahu, decided to start the Rs 356 million palm tree plantation project.

The conference was informed that the Forest Department has given the Coastal Development Authority 2,000 acres of land for the project.

Ismail Rau said, “Around 60,000 trees will be planted on the land under the project,” Ismail Rahu said. “Palm trees will be planted in the current year and a single tree on average will give a yield of one maund oil.”

It's worth noting that the Sindh Cabinet approved the planting of palm trees on 3000 acres of land last year.

The Coastal Development Authority of Sindh had requested 3000 acres of forest area for palm tree plantation.

Sindh's Environment and Coastal Development departments also ran a micro palm oil extraction factory, producing palm oil from the CDA farm, according to Sindh Adviser Murtaza Wahab.

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