PIA To Evacuate Pakistanis From Syria Amid Israeli Bombing Of Damascus

PIA to evacuate Pakistanis from Syria amid Israeli bombing of Damascus

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will depart for Syria and bring back the stranded Pakistanis in war-torn Syria.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight will depart for Syria today (Monday) on the special orders of Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique to bring back Pakistanis stuck in the war-torn country as a result of Israel's bombardment of the Damascus airport.

After receiving a request in the form of a letter from Pakistan's representative in Damascus, the PIA finalized plans to dispatch a flight to Syria. The letter was addressed to both the PIA CEO and the Pakistan government.

The envoy requested that the national carrier send a jet to Aleppo, Syria, because the airport in Damascus was closed.

According to a statement released by PIA, aircraft to return the trapped Pakistanis would depart on June 13.

According to the proposal, in the first phase, Pakistanis in Damascus will be taken by bus to Aleppo, where they will board a PIA flight back to Damascus.

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