Arts Council Of Pakistan Karachi Holds A Condolence Meeting In Memory Of The Senior Theater, Film, And TV Actor Abid Naveed.

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi holds a condolence meeting in memory of the senior theater, film, and TV actor Abid Naveed.

The Arts Council will continue to play a positive role in the well-being of artists, President Arts Council said.

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 26th May, 2022) Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi held a condolence meeting in memory of senior theater, film, and TV actor Abid Naveed in the Arts Council Lobby Area in which Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Iqbal Latif, Dr. Ayub Sheikh Comedians Ali Hassan, Jamil Sheikh, Actors Akram Sheikh, Adam Rathore, Muhammad Ali Issani, Mustafa Abbasi, Mujtaba Naqvi, Rizwan Sabir, Hamad Ali spoke on the occasion Arts Council’s President M.

Ahmed Shah said that Abid Naveed was a great man, he used to talk to me about his heart, he knew how to keep his promise, Abid was part of our family and existence, he was Punjabi but the way he worked for Sindh There is no precedent for him. We are very saddened by his passing. He said that our faithful and devoted artist has passed away. Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is always with everyone from the arts, including the artist community, to health cards, insurance and other facilities including plot are a consideration, which will always play a positive role for their welfare.

Iqbal Latif said that, it is a great privilege for artists to have a leader like Muhammad Ahmad Shah, He Always a step towards goodness, never left the artist friends alone Whenever an artist got sick he would call me and tell me about it so that he could be treated in time, his heart was in love with his people, comedian Ali Hassan said that Abid Naveed was a very sweet and loving person. He was an artist as well as a very lovely person. When we won the competition from India, he congratulated us on our success.

Rizwan Sabir while talking said I can't believe that Abid N. Veed left us like this, he was a very friendly man, may Allah forgive him, Jameel Sheikh said that Abid Naveed was not my brother but like the father, Hamad Ali said that I had the opportunity to learn a lot from Abid Naveed, he was one of my teachers, his style of speech was very unique, I have tried to follow in his footsteps, he said. President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah has given his full support to various programs ranging from Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Seraiki, and Balochi, from the introductory session to the musical, cultural and literary program. Ahmad Shah is an open book. I thank Shah Sahib for this. The condolence meeting was attended by a large number of artists including Joint Secretary Asjad Bukhari, Rizwan Mirza, Manzoor Lalrak, Masood Rana, Sajid Ali Sajid, and Jamil Rahi.