Zubair Niazi Rejects Police's Claim Of Weapons Recovery


Zubair Niazi rejects police's claim of weapons recovery

The PTI Lahore General Secretary says that all such reports of weapons recovery are fake.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/ Pakistan Point News- May 25th, 2022) PTI Lahore General Secretary Zubair Khan Niazi has rejected the police claim of recovery of weapons from his vehicles and their houses.

He also responded to Maryam Nawaz on Twitter as shared the pictures of the weapons recovered from there.

Taking to Twitter, Zubair wrote, "Absolutely Nonsense, Fake news about weapons from my Vehicle. Joke of the century. Im at Aiwan e Adal right now, with other tehreeki,"

While responding to Maryam's tweet, the PTI leader asked him, "Is she the same lady jiski "London tau KIA Pakistan mai bhi koi Jaidad nahi"? @SdqJaan ?,".

In another tweet, Zubair while using screen short of a local tv's report called it "yellow journalism".

Earlier, Lahore police claimed that they raided houses of some PTI leaders and also checked their vehicles and found weapons from their custody.

According to the reports, Niazi was arrested by the Lahore police and last time was seen on the premises of the court where he was looking exhausted and was drinking water. A team of lawyers are seen standing around him.

Abdullah Hussain

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