Sullivan Discusses Russia Sanctions, Afghan Refugees With Kosovo Leader

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 18th May, 2022) US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan discussed issues ranging from Serbia and sanctions on Russia to Afghan refugees with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, NSC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said on Wednesday.

"National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met yesterday with Prime Minister Albin Kurti of Kosovo. Mr. Sullivan thanked the Prime Minister for Kosovo's willingness to host Afghan evacuees. They exchanged views on Russia's military operation in Ukraine, including Kosovo's provision of humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine and imposition of sanctions against Russia," she said.

Sullivan also expressed US support for the EU-facilitated dialogue to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

In 2008, the Kosovo-Albanian structures in Pristina unilaterally proclaimed independence from Belgrade. Since then, Kosovo has been recognized by dozens of UN member states. However, Serbia, Russia, China and some other countries do not recognize the breakaway region as an independent state.

In 2013, Serbia and Kosovo signed an EU-mediated agreement to normalize relations, but the dialogue soon came to a standstill.

In 2020, the sides struck another deal on normalization, brokered by the United States. The document provided for a moratorium for both sides on lobbying for recognition and denial of recognition of the self-proclaimed republic by third countries. However, in August 2021, Kosovo 's parliament refused to pass a resolution on the implementation of the agreement.