Ahmed Butt Advises Dania Malik To Deal With Her Matter Privately


Ahmed Butt advises Dania Malik to deal with her matter privately

The actor says he does not have sympathy with either side but it is very sad that bed room videos of Aamir Liaqat are being shared on the social media.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 13th, 2022) Renowned Lollywood actor Ahmed Ali Butt has opened up over differences between tv host and MNA Aamir Liaqat Hussain and his third wife Dania Malik.

Taking to Instagram stories of his account, Butt said he has zero sympathy for her and “the whole filth that has been created on social media over this divorce.”

He said, “You very well knew what you’re getting into when you married him and used every opportunity to be in the limelight. But making videos from your bedroom and now leaking personal video of your personal life is just beyond disgusting,”.

The actor said dragging her divorce in public and making circus out of it is sad, saying that Dania is now playing the victim card.

Butt said he does not have sympathy for either side but expressed dismay how the social media have become a toilet for such events.

He went on to say no one wants to see their matter on the social media and advised Dania to hire a lawyer to deal her matters privately.

According to the reports, Dania leaked the video of their bed rooms in which Aamir Liaqat is seen in different degrees of nudity in it.

Later, Dania approached a local court for dissolution of marriage and for Haq Mehr in her case. The court issued notice to Aamir Liaqat and summoned him for June 7.

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