Thousands Australian Teachers Go On 24-Hour Strike In Sydney Demanding Salaries Increase

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 04th May, 2022) Thousands of Australian teachers on Wednesday declared a 24-hour strike in Sydney, calling on the government to increase their salaries and improve working conditions.

"kids deserve qualified teachers in every classroom. Teachers (deserve) better working conditions and a competitive salary that will attract and retain the teachers we need," Nancy Penfold, the teacher from Marrickville Public school was quoted by Australian broadcaster ABC news as saying.

Earlier this week, education Minister Sarah Mitchell said that the wage negotiations would be postponed for the next six months after the budget settlement. Mitchell also said that $125 million was already allocated last year to attract new employees and boost the teaching workforce, adding that "we've had pay increases of 2.5 per cent year-on-year for our teachers," according to the broadcaster.

In December 2021, thousands of teachers and transport employees in Sydney went on strike to demand better working conditions, calling on the state government to address such issues as job security, overwork, unpaid overtime and stagnant wages. Educators urged the government to raise their wages by 7.5% a year, as well as reverse staff cuts while the state has over 3,000 teaching positions unfilled, causing increased workloads for remaining workers.