‘Pakistan’- Song By Singer Shahroz Khan Ranks Number One On Pakistan Air Force Official YouTube Channel

‘Pakistan’- song by singer Shahroz Khan ranks number one on Pakistan Air Force Official YouTube Channel

Singer Shahroz Khan made his debut by giving a tribute to the heroic warriors of Pakistan, who are ever ready to protect the motherland.

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News - 4th Apr, 2022) The song has an 80’s retro-pop beat packed with emotional and patriotic lyrics. The beat seems to be inspired by the latest western trends. The hook ‘Ayi aanch luta dein ge jaan’ was much cherished by the audience. Many Tik Tok videos were made on the sound.

The song crossed 1 Million views on You Tube within a few hours after its release. This single celebrates the Independence day of Pakistan which features tri-forces. Four friends performing in the song reminds us of the classic hit ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. Tik Tok stars Mr. Jerry & Qaisar Baloch made a video with their frieds on its sound which got very popular.

Recently, this single has over 2.1 Million + views on YouTube, which is the highest viewership count on the PAF Official YouTube Channel. https://youtu.be/iSd9MAAUdCw