PM Asks Entire Nation To Take Part In PTI’s Power Show In Islamabad


PM asks entire nation to take part in PTI’s power show in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the corrupt politicians are openly buying the public representatives.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 24th, 2022) Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday gave an important message to the nation regarding the PTI’s March 27 power show at Islamabad’s Parade Ground.

Imran Khan invited the nation to take part in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI’s) March 27 power show in Islamabad.

He said these words in a video message on Thursday.

The PM said, “I want the entire nation should join the PTI rally on March 27,”, urging the people to support that they were standing against evil and crimes being committed by the corrupt politicians who were involved in buying the conscience of public representatives with looted money.

PM Khan said, “A gang of thieves has been looting the country for the past 30 years and now they are openly using money to buy the conscience of the public representatives,”.

He added that the public rally titled Amar Bil Maroof would be a day of victory against the corrupt politicians.

The ruling PTI had earlier changed the venue of March 27 public gathering in Islamabad.

PTI changed venue after the local administration in Islamabad had asked the government and opposition to change venues of their public gatherings in the capital and proposed alternate venues to them.

PTI leader Senator Faisal Javed had said earlier in a statement that D-Chowk would not accommodate the massive crowd in Islamabad and now the PTI’s power show would be organised at Parade Avenue.

Taking to Twitter, Senator Javed had said they sought permission from the Islamabad administration for holding March 27 public gathering at Parade Avenue. A large number of people from across the country were reaching the Federal capital to attend the PTI’s public gathering.

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