PEMRA Is A Biased And Political Institute, PTI Chairman Imran Khan Condemned The Ban On Dr. Shahid Masood

PEMRA is a biased and political institute, PTI chairman Imran Khan condemned the ban on Dr. Shahid Masood

(Pakistan Point News – 12th August, 2016) : The Ban on ARY's renowned analyst Shahid masood was followed by the rageous outburst of Imran Khan over PEMRA's chairman Absar Alam on PEMRA's biased decisions as a media watch dog. PTI chairman Imran Khan, while conducting a media talk condemned the ban on Dr. Shaid masood. He called PEMRA a biased and political institute and accused its chairman Absar Alam of being a member of PML-n. He said that PEMRA has become a weapon of PML-n against all those who make critical statements about government and reprehend its activities.

Talking about Shahid masood he said that Shahid's only fault was that he never praised PML-n. He also mentioned some events in which biased reporting was done against PTI without any evidence. He asked PEMRA why it didnt ban any news channel when fake marriage news was transmitted about him along with the photographs of respected already-married-women. Later on false news regarding the NAMAL university owned by him was also transmitted by some news channels without any verification. This depicts the biased activities of the media watch dog, PTI chairman said. He concluded by saying that he strongly condemns the outlawing of great pakistani analyst Dr. Shahid masood who is affiliated with ARY news channel.