Singer Shahroz Khan Performs ‘Teri Jannat Mein Ayain Ge’ On Kashmir In The President House

Singer Shahroz Khan performs ‘Teri Jannat Mein Ayain Ge’ on Kashmir in the President House

Pakistani singer and songwriter Shahroz Khan performed Kashmiri song ‘Mere Watan Teri Jannat Mein Ayen Gai Aik Din’ at Presidency in Islamabad.

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News - 19th February, 2022) This patriotic song was sung by Shahroz alongside a dramatic act as a gesture to highlight the on-going plight of the Kashmiris and to show solidarity with them; expressing hope that they would soon be free of oppression and genocide. This was in line with Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s unequivocal vision on the importance of Kashmir’s freedom, and the tireless efforts he made for its liberation.

Turning to his Instagram on February 5, Khan shared a short clip from his performance on Meray Watan Teri Jannat Mein as he pays tribute to the brave people of Kashmir

Shahroz Khan’s performance is especially commendable as he chose to sing in Kashmiri national language to show solidarity with people of Kashmir.