Mulit-billion RUDA Project Is Crucial For The Country, Says PM Imran Khan


Mulit-billion RUDA project is crucial for the country, says PM imran Khan

Prime Minister tells journalist says that the project will create a lot of new job opportunities and promote several sectors.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 28th, 2022) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that under twenty billion Dollars Ravi Urban Development project a modern and planned city Ravi Urban is being built.

Imran Khan said that this project is very crucial keeping in view the speedy growth of Lahore city and it would be the second planned city after Islamabad.

He was talking to the journalists at Rakh Jhok Jungle at Sheikhupura on Friday,

The PM said that this project would create a lot of new job opportunities and promote several sectors. He said that this project would also have a positive impact on environment protection and reduce pollution.

He said that twenty million trees will be planted in the Rakh Jhok jungle under this project which will increase the underground water level besides saving river Ravi as well.

He said that the media should create awareness amongst the public about this project. The Prime Minister said that he respects the judiciary and their verdicts, and thinks that the Ravi Urban Development project case was not fought well at High Court level.

He said that the Government will file an appeal on this case at the Supreme Court.

Earlier, when the Prime Minister reached Lahore on a day-long visit, he was given a briefing regarding the Central business District at Walton.

On this occasion, he met with investors of this mega real estate project.

Abdullah Hussain

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