UrduPoint Visits Realme’s Assembly Plant In Lahore

UrduPoint Visits realme’s Assembly Plant in Lahore

Following a survey, realme was awarded the ‘Quality Master Award’ by UrduPoint after which the team visited their assembly plant to witness their quality procedures first-hand.

Lahore (Pakistan Point News - 27th January, 2022) For the first time, UrduPoint held a large-scale public poll to determine which smartphone manufacturer its readers and viewers consider to be the best in Pakistan.

After receiving the opinions of more than 20,000 unique individuals, UrduPoint organized the results which revealed ‘realme’ as the true winners offering the best quality smartphones in Pakistan.

After generating a pool of 9 distinct questions, the final polls revealed that realme dominated majority of the survey.

With the help of the survey results, the general public and UrduPoint awarded realme with the ‘Quality Master Award.’

With the impending announcement, realme teamed up with UrduPoint to provide them an exclusive tour of their assembly plant in Lahore.

UrduPoint complied and became Pakistan's first media outlet to tour a high-quality smartphone assembly plant.

The local assembly plant allows for hundreds of employment for the public of Pakistan, and local production meant that the cost was cut by a significant margin making the smartphones available at an affordable price range.

Let's go over the standards and procedures that are followed at realme's assembly plant, as seen by UrduPoint's team.

UrduPoint’s team visited the production plant of realme and it’s safe to say it ended up as a huge success.

realme assembly plant follows strict standard operating procedures to implement safety and secure work environment inside the factory. May it be employees, visitors, or seniors everyone has to wear protective gear to avoid any risks and to maintain discipline.

The assembly plant is set up in accordance with the various stages of the process.

realme, the winner of the Quality Master Award, adheres to the same high quality and assembly requirements as it does in other worldwide markets.

The realme assembly team complies with international standards, which are overseen by Pakistan's and China's top-quality engineers. Installation of each part is done by professional workers with the help of new automated technology machines in the factory.

In their assembly plant, realme conducts extensive and rigorous reliability and durability tests.

Drop Test

realme puts its smartphones through a drop from a height of 1.8 meters to see how durable they are. The height is sufficient to shatter the displays of several phones; nevertheless, as witnessed by UrduPoint, the high drop did no damage to the realme devices, ensuring their complete durability against unfortunate events.

Drop Test from table height

UrduPoint’s team witnessed yet another of their drop tests, as part of its high-reliability program. This test subjected the phone to 10,000 drops from table height, demonstrating the power of realme phones. Even after thousands of drops (which is fairly typical during the life of a mobile phone), the device exhibited no evidence of breakage or systematic difficulties.

Scratch Test

To round up their rigorous testing of the devices' endurance, realme subjects its smartphones to a scratching machine, which coarsely scratches a sharp object against the phone. We're not surprised at this point because the phones have held up well even after being scraped for hours on end.

The testing doesn't stop here. realme conducts several additional testing before releasing a product on the market. According to UrduPoint, the international corporation completes the formalities on its gadgets by subjecting them to smartphone calibration, camera calibration, vibration testing, water-resistance, and dust-resistance testing.

Everything is double-checked down to the smallest detail in order to stick to their tight policy of maintaining the highest quality standards, which realme does not compromise on.

UrduPoint observed all of these procedures from a first-person perspective and concluded that realme's assembly standards were second to none.

realme has effectively revolutionized the manufacturing and assembly of smartphones in Pakistan; their policies are in sync with their international markets to assure the highest quality at an accessible price, earning them the 'Quality Master Award' from UrduPoint.

It's safe to say that realme has earned the title of 'Quality Master.' Thousands of people voted for them, and UrduPoint was able to witness it all exclusively.