With marketers focusing on selling an experience, brands use a number of different mediums to drive a high engagement-based campaign

Lahore (Pakistan Point News - 27th January, 2022) With marketers focusing on selling an experience, brands use a number of different mediums to drive a high engagement-based campaign. Prioritizing the outreach to the consumers, brands aim to ensure that public association with sporting teams or events are altogether positive. With a powerful connect of sports in Pakistan, brands have leveraged this tool to go viral virtually.

Pakistanis are big on sports let alone on Cricket. The emotional journey everyone goes through when we see Team Green play is a rollercoaster ride for many. The consumption of the sports content digitally has increased significantly. Content creators, publications and entertainment pages are talking about them he and share their content to get more engagement on their platform.

Such is the reason why many brands are now investing in sports marketing. Apart from the conventional sponsorship methods that get the brands much-desired eyeballs, there are now many ways the brands are reaping the fruits of investing in different sporting events.

Take PSL for example. This year we saw an increased bid by 175% in the streaming rights acquired by Daraz for season 7 & 8. This wasn’t the first time the e-Commerce platform bought digital streaming rights for a tournament.

Last year, Daraz bought the exclusive streaming right for the ICC T20 World Cup. According to the sources, the e-Commerce platform recorded 400 Million+ views during the tournament and saw an increase of 116% in their Monthly Active Users.

As the matches continued for the World Cup, Daraz continued to have its app downloaded and acquired new customers. It is quite obvious that the rising influence of the online and digital space created an opportunity for them which worked in their benefit gaining unprecedented attention from the larger audience providing a lot more brand exposure.

It was imperative for Daraz to provide its users with a matchless shopping experience. Giving the users what they want, the platform introduced the concepts of shoppertainment which enabled the shoppers to directly shop through the live stream allowing them to discover new products. This innovative shopping experience bridges the gap between online and offline, enabling the shoppers to watch and shop at the same time.

As Daraz believes in making sports and specifically cricket a force that brings users from every corner of the country together with free-of-cost streaming, the platform’s strategy of digitalization has been working towards building infrastructure to improve the growth of e-Commerce.

Winning millions of hearts of the nation previously with T20 World Cup, Daraz is all set to digitally stream the HBL PSL 7 starting from 27th of January, 2022.