Russia Sends Paratroopers, Su-35 Fighter Jets To Belarus For Joint Military Drills

MINSK (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 26th January, 2022) Russia deployed on Wednesday paratroopers to the Belarusian city of Brest and will send modern Su-35 fighter jets to Belarusian airfields to take part in the joint exercises.

"At the moment, a contingent of Russian paratroopers that arrived to participate in the inspection of the reaction forces of the Union State on the territory of Belarus is unloading at the Brest-Yuzhny railway station," the Belarusian Defense Ministry wrote on its Telegram channel.

According to the Russian defense ministry, Su-35 jets of the Eastern Military District are en route to Belarusian airfields and are due to take up combat duty within the framework of the exercise of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, formed in December 1999.

The countries are conducting a surprise inspection of forces and means of reaction of the Union State, with the first stage involving the relocation and organization of troops in Belarus, and a final stage involving joint exercises called Union Courage-2022 aimed at training holding off external aggression and protection against terrorism.