Man Disguised As Pizza Delivery Man Robs Paris Jewelry Store For $44,000 - Reports

PARIS (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 21st January, 2022) A robber in a disguise of a pizza delivery man stole jewelry worth 50,000 Euros ($44,000) from a jewelry store in Paris, its owner told the Le Parisien newspaper.

According to a report issued by the outlet on Thursday, the incident took place on Wednesday evening. Police presume it is linked to a complaint filed by a real pizza delivery man earlier that same day.

According to the newspaper, citing a source close to the investigation into the matter, the delivery man for Domino's Pizza had his scooter robbed while delivering an order to a shady client who held him at gunpoint. Some time later, the criminal in disguise with the pizza staged the robbery in the jewelry store, located 1.5 miles away from the first crime scene.

"He (the robber) seemed very unsettled by my calmness. He demanded that I turn off the light. I said it was idiotic because, on the contrary, that would attract attention," the owner of the store told the newspaper when describing the robbery.

The jeweler said that the robber seized around 30 pieces of jewelry and left no injuries as a result of his actions, he added.