1775 Cases Pending In Family Courts

1775 cases pending in family courts

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 11th Augst,2016) : As many as 1775 cases were pending in eight family courts of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) while 6361 cases were disposed off till March this year. According to official data available to APP, 3782 cases were instituted in 2013, 2068 in 2014 followed by 3872 in 2015 and 363 in first three month of the current year whereas 995 previous cases were pending in the start of 2013.

The family courts have disposed of 4272 cases in 2013 followed by 1965 in 2014, 3986 in 2015 and 281 in first three month of the current year. The courts are facing a number of problems in disposal of cases which including contemporary laws dealing with family suits and custody matters need to be amended according to present era, especially Family Act, 1964, the documents added. Limited space, no proper separate rooms/meeting place available for visitation of minors with their parents.

The same is done in court rooms which are already too small. Frequent adjournments and strikes on the part of lawyers also cause hindrances. Government departments do not cooperate for implementation of orders passed by the family courts in execution proceedings. There is no mechanism to procure the attendance of counsels on the date of hearing which is the main problem in the disposal of family cases.

Shortage of court staff and facilities including clean water, washrooms and proper sitting place in the premises and in the courts are also big challenges in smooth working of courts. Family courts deals with much aggravated issues of parties which require proper security, therefore the security of family courts may be increased, it added. It further said the Government has provided ample spaces for family courts and arranged to construct a new building for District Judiciary of ICT at G/10. As far security arrangements are concerned the Government has installed walk through gates and provided metal detectors on all the entrances and also deputed police guards for necessary checking. Height of boundary wall has been suitably raised Barbed wire has also been installed on boundary wall.