Little Master Hanif Muhammad Is Alive, His Heart Started Working After 6 Minutes Of His Decease


Little master Hanif Muhammad is alive, his heart started working after 6 minutes of his decease

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News – 11th August, 2016) : Miracles happen in this world the example of which is Hanif Muhammad the little master of cricket world. Few moments before he was declared dead by the doctors due to his deceased heartbeat. But just after 6 minutes, his heart gained life when it started working again and now he is declared alive by the hospital's administration. His son Shoaib Muhammad told media that he heard the news of his father's death by his relative but no sooner when he arrived at the hospital, he was welcomed by the good news of his father's new life. He said that the family was deeply grieved by Hanif's death but now we are being thankful to Allah for his blessing.