Lebanon Should Fear US Sanctions Violations In Planning To Boost Energy Supply - Senator

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 15th January, 2022) Lebanon should worry about violating US sanctions over a plan to purchase energy from nearby states that would transit Syria contrary to what US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea told the Lebanese government in a letter, Senator Ted Cruz said.

Shea sent a letter to the Lebanese government in which she told the authorities not to worry if they attempt to obtain energy supplies from nearby countries in order to address the severe shortage in Lebanon.

"Exceptionally poor advice. Lebanon should absolutely worry about violating US sanctions. So should every other country involved. Congress isn't going to allow Team Biden to enrich Iran's proxies, especially not bloody tyrants like Assad. US sanctions will be enforced," Cruz said via Twitter on Friday.

Oher lawmakers, such as US Congressman Joe Wilson, echoed Cruz's view. Wilson said the Caesar Act, which sanctions the Syrian government for alleged war crimes, is clear and Congress will hold the Biden administration accountable for any sanctions relief provided to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Lebanon's energy and economic crisis will not be solved by enriching "mass murderer Assad" and Iran's proxies, Wilson added.

The plan to ease Lebanon's power shortage would transport Egyptian gas to Lebanon through a pipeline that transits Jordan and Syria.