RPT - US Cardiologists To Visit Russia Twice In 2022 To Operate On 20 Children - Team Leader

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 07th January, 2022) Pediatric cardiologists from the US-based Bill Novick Cardiac Alliance will visit the Russian city of Kemerovo on two occasions this year in order to operate on at least 20 children with complex heart problems, team leader Bill Novick told Sputnik.

"We have plans for two trips in 2022 - one in April-May and the second one in the fourth quarter of this year," Novick, a renowned US cardiologist and surgeon, said.

The Cardiac Alliance's specialists plan to operate on 20 to 25 children, Novick said.

"Our colleagues from Kemerovo are picking complicated cases for us. Such cases can take six to eight hours to operate on," he said.

The surgeon underscored that each of such operations requires intense concentration and a lot of time.

Novick and his colleagues have been working with specialists in Kemerovo for many years. In the period November-December, they operated on 11 pediatric patients with complex heart problems.

"We and our colleagues in Kemerovo are happy with this cooperation. As long as everybody continues to be happy, we will be going there," Novick said.

Asked about general plans for cooperation in Russia, Novick said his team has worked in different cities in the past but currently only cooperates with Kemerovo.

The Bill Novick Cardiac Alliance has done some 500 surgeries in Russia since 2008. The group is comprised of medical specialists from different countries who usually work in "hot spots" around the world. Previously, the Novick Cardiac Alliance performed surgeries in several Russian cities, including Voronezh and Nizhny Novgorod.