FAHR Announces Work From Home Policy For Mothers Working For Federal Government

FAHR announces work from home policy for mothers working for federal government

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 30th Dec, 2021) The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has issued a circular for the implementation of a work from home policy in UAE ministries and federal entities for female employees with children undertaking distance learning.

In the circular, FAHR stressed that due to the move to remote learning during the first two weeks of the second semester, which starts on Monday, 3rd January, 2022, and following the directives to support mothers working for the federal government during this period, mothers of children in Grade 6 and below and children who are People of Determination or suffering from chronic diseases, are eligible to work from home.

The circular noted that the said entities will allow such female employees to work from home under certain conditions as mothers will be allowed to work from home provided their job can be done remotely and does not impact the operations of the government entity they are employed in.

FAHR affirmed that federal authorities may authorise male employees to work remotely if their wives work in medical and educational establishments, urging all federal authorities using the "Bayanati" system to follow the circulated procedures.