Immediately Written Novels Do Not Include Research. This May Be News But Not A Novel

Immediately written novels do not include research. This may be news but not a novel

We imprisoned women in the house as objects of use. In the early days, women used to publish their writings under pseudonyms

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 10th December, 2021) The first session of the second day of the 14th International Urdu Conference held at Karachi Arts Council of Pakistan on "Contemporary Status of Urdu Novel" The session was presided over by renowned novelists Khalid Fateh Mohammad and Anwar Sun Rai, while Rehman Abbas from Mumbai, India, gave a presentation on “Studies in Women's Consciousness and Urdu Novel” and Siddique Alam from Calcutta gave a presentation on “New Najiba Arif, who was present at the event, spoke online on "Human Situation and Urdu Novel" Willing Understanding and Urdu Criticism, Mohammad Hafeez Khan spoke on “Social Changes and Urdu Novel in the Seventy Five Years” while Mohammad Asim Butt spoke on “Contemporary Novel: New Voices, New Hopes”. Kashif Raza performed.

On this occasion, Khalid Fateh Mohammad's novel "Waqt Ki Bagh" was also unveiled. The novel is not the only thing that happened today and something has to be written about it immediately because it does not involve creativity but it becomes news. He said that fiction is a big thing, some new writing. Historical facts are also wrong in the novels people which is the only reason that they have not been worked with research, Anwar Sun Rai in his speech said that the writer should set any of his standards in the end. The decision depends on how the writer proves to the reader and how the reader feels about the writer if the reader is willing to accept the writer. Otherwise, no critic can make the writer popular. He said that the novel goes from the top to the bottom and its spread increases. There are very few novels that go from the bottom to the top. There is a lot and a lot has been written but I will apologize very much that some writers have not acted truthfully and have concealed the facts. Speaking online from Mumbai, Rehman Abbas said that the tragedy of the woman of the subcontinent is that she considered herself insecure in front of the man. We have imprisoned the woman in the house as an object of use. She said that what women novelists have written is written against this background. The reason why women used to publish their writings under pseudonyms was that despite being women, their writing was made their crime, he said. After Rasheed Jahan wrote a lot on women, the same color was seen in the writings of Ismat Chughtai and Qaratul Ain Haider. Later, Jamila Hashmi was also seen working in the same field. And the fear is stated, Siddique Alam from Calcutta said in his online address that we are in an ocean that is flowing everywhere, just as the archeological excavations if neglected, would have distorted history. In the same way, the dishonesty of the writer can be very damaging. He said that all our natural boundaries are melting like wax, so either a very good novel will be written now or a very bad one. There is no room, Najiba Arif said that if the novel is merely a replica of life then it cannot attract the reader, the reality presented in the novel is just an angle of reality. I have settled in such a way that even in thousands it is seen what the novelist wants to say and what is his philosophy of life, said Muhammad Hafeez Khan. Mohammad Asim Butt said that novel is the most popular genre of today because it informs the agenda of literature all over the world. He said that novel has such power of expression in its narrative. What sets it apart from other genres, he said, is that there have been countless experiments in the field of novels and our new novelist is also facing many problems.