Household Expenses, Inflation Top COVID-19 As Leading Concerns Facing US Adults - Poll

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 08th December, 2021) Three in ten Americans either cite difficulty paying monthly bills or inflation as their main concerns, outpacing worries over the pandemic, a Monmouth University poll said on Wednesday.

"Concerns about inflation have taken center stage in discussions around America's kitchen tables. And, as one would expect, many are placing the blame squarely on Washington," Monmouth Polling Director Patrick Murray said in a press release.

A 29 percent plurality either cited a general difficulty paying household bills or inflation specifically as main worries, compared with 18 percent who named COVID-19, the release said.

Regardless of which of 20 problems survey participants cited - ranging from the pandemic to gun violence - nearly half (46%) said Federal government actions since the beginning of the year had made the problem worse. The percentage is higher than at any point during the Trump presidency (37-to-42 percent), the release added.

The largest jump in those saying they have been hurt by government actions has been among Republicans (up 24 points to 82 percent), while there has been less movement among independents (up 6 points to 47%) and Democrats (up 3 points to 10%), according to the release.