Support For Euro In Euro Area Remains High, Showing Only 2% Decrease Since March - Survey

BRUSSELS (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 04th December, 2021) Support for the euro in the euro-area countries remains high, showing just a small decrease from 80% to 78% over the past seven months, according to a report of the European Commission's Eurobarometer survey released on Friday.

The previous survey took place at the end of March, while the current one was conducted from October 25 to November 9. This time, in total, 17,662 respondents were interviewed over the telephone in all 19 countries of the euro area.

"Support for the euro is slightly lower than in the previous wave but remains high. When asked whether the euro is a good thing or not for the EU, 78% of those surveys reply that having the euro is a good thing (a decrease of 2 pp compared to March 2021), while 14% think it is a bad thing. 5% spontaneously answer they cannot decide whether it is a good or a bad thing," the report said.

Despite the fact that the majority of residents of the euro area express support for the currency, the level of this support differs from country to country. The highest level of 89% is observed is in Slovenia, followed by Malta with 88%. The lowest level is reported in Luxembourg, where 67% of citizens believe that having the euro is a good thing for the European Union.

According to the report, the most significant decrease in support for the Currency since March is observed in Ireland, where the level has dropped by 11%. The country is followed by Luxembourg with 7% decrease and Latvia with 6% decrease.