Cambodia Accepts First Afghan Refugees Under Deal With NGO - Reports

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 29th November, 2021) Cambodia has granted temporary residence to the first 15 refugees from Afghanistan under an agreement with US-based development agency Asia Foundation, Cambodian newspaper Khmer Times reported on Monday.

The group, a part of 300 people covered by the deal, arrived in Cambodia earlier in the month and will stay there until a third country grants them asylum. All of the refugees are Asia Foundation employees in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a 13-person working group, established by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, will work on arranging the accommodation for the refugees.

In mid-August, the Taliban (under UN sanctions over terrorist activities) entered Kabul following several weeks of making military gains that coincided with the withdrawal of foreign troops. The takeover has forced thousands of Afghans, including those affiliated with foreign organizations, to try to escape from the country out of fear of reprisals by the militants.