Karachi-based Journalist, In Debt For Rs 60,000,commits Suicide


Karachi-based journalist, in debt for Rs 60,000,commits suicide

Faheem Mughal had nothing to feed his family and nor he had anything to pay the debt of Rs60,000 taken from a local bank due to which he ended up his life.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 27th, 2021) A Karachi based journalist committed suicide who was forcibly retired from his job from a local news organization committed suicide due to poverty and a Rs Rs60,000 debt which he could not pay.

Mughal was found hanging by a piece of cloth from a ceiling fan on Friday morning at his home.

He survived by a wife, five daughters and a son.

According to media reports, a philanthropist visited Mughal's home after his death and spoke to his wife and daughter. The deceased's eldest daughter disclosed that very hard time was going on the family as they often used to go hungry for days.

The daughter said they often went without food for weeks, pointing out that his father used to bring food home from JDC [a charity organisation] nearby."

Mugal posted a status on his Facebook wall earlier this year on June 2: "My job is no more, which is why I am very worried. Please pray for me,".

After losing his job, Mughal started driving a rickshaw to make both ends meet but remained unable to pay off a bank loan of around Rs60,000, and finally he took his own life.

The reports suggested that another journalist paid funeral expenses of deceased journalist. The wife of the deceased said that her husband tried to committed suicide twice before he finally ended it.

She said she saved him from doing so.

"I go to every place with my CV, give interviews but the only response I get [from organisations] is: 'you know what the situation is,'" Mughal used to tell his wife.

Shahzadi said she often used to say to her husband that he will have to stay alive for his six children.

"I used to tell him [Faheem Mughal] that 'if you remain alive, you will be a source of support for our children. However, if you die, what will happen to them?'" she revealed.

Shahzadi said she was aware that her husband was suffering from immense mental stress. That prompted her to take him to a doctor who held counselling sessions to relieve him of the mental stress.

Shahzadi disclosed how she once urged Faheem to request people for help. However, he responded by telling her that he was a known figure in the media circle.

She quoted her husband as saying: " it will destroy my self-esteem if I cry about poverty in the name of my daughters, ".

Faheem talked to his wife before ending his life that how much difficulties he was facing owning to poverty and hunger. He told his wife that it was no use being alive "when I am unable to do anything for my children".

His wife asked him not to take any drastic step. She said he put his hand over her head and swore that he would not inflict any harm on himself. He told all of them to go to sleep and that he would also do the same.

She said that they slept and when she got up in the middle of the night she saw that Faheem had hanged himself.

Shahzad said that they took Faheem to nearby hospital where she was told by the medical staff that had they brought him 20 minutes earlier his life would have been saved.

Fida Hussnain

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