RTA Launches Online Transportation Activities Rental System

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 30th Oct, 2021) Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an online Transportation Activities Rental System (TARS) to serve the car rental system in the emirate.

The system aims to bring more happiness to corporate and individual clients by improving the level of services provided to them.

The CEO of RTA Licensing Agency Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, said, "This new system charts out a comprehensive and flexible regulatory framework to streamline the business of the car rental sector, and covers all types of rentable vehicles. It contains revised legislation and improved regulations that cover all car rental activities overseen by RTA. The system, in particular, applies to light vehicles, heavy vehicles, light buses, heavy buses, and motorbikes. It also streamlines the relationship between car rental companies and their clients.

"In line with the government’s digital transformation strategy and the use of cutting-edge technology in planning and monitoring, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, the system is considered the first of its kind in issuing smart car rental contracts across the emirate. RTA applied the corporate agility approach in developing the system out of its commitment to keep pace with the latest global practices of the industry. The project contributes to the growth of the car rental sector and caters to the accompanying market variables," added Al Ali.

RTA has completed the development of the key features of the system and activated it for use by all companies. It has also completed the registration of all companies and entered up all valid contracts into the system. It has also trained 989 car rental companies in Dubai on the use of the system and familiarised them with its features. RTA will soon start training new companies that do not have systems of their own.

"RTA always seeks to bring more happiness to customers, be it individuals or entities, through advancing its systems, using new technologies, rolling out creative initiatives, and applying top global standards. Such a drive is bound to support the sustainability of Dubai’s transportation sector and contribute effectively to realising RTA’s vision to become ‘The world leader in seamless & sustainable mobility," concluded the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency.