EU Observers Not To Interfere With Voting In Venezuela Elections - Mission Chief

CARACAS (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 29th October, 2021) A delegation of observers from the European Union will not interfere with the voting in the local elections in Venezuela, scheduled for late November, mission chief Isabel Santos said.

Upon arrival to Caracas, Santos told reporters that observers do not interfere in the voting process, as their mission is to observe, register and present their report.

She noted that the interim report on the elections will be presented on November 23.

In the November 21 elections in Venezuela, a total of 42 national political movements and 64 regional parties will take part, including the right-wing opposition, which controlled the country's parliament in 2016-2021, but refused to take part in the next parliamentary elections. At least 10 observers from the European Union are already working in the country, and their number will reach 100 before election day.