Russian Regions' State Debt Stands At $36.8 Billion - Finance Ministry

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 28th October, 2021) The state debt of the Russian regions at the moment stands at about 2.6 trillion rubles ($36.8 billion), or 26 percent of their tax and non-tax revenues, which is a safe level, First Deputy Finance Minister Leonid Gornin said.

The Accounts Chamber on Thursday published a report on an analysis of the state debt of Russian regions and the prospects for its optimization. In 2020, it grew by 380 billion rubles to 2.5 trillion rubles.

"The state debt of the regions is about 2.6 trillion rubles as a whole throughout the country (about 26% of the tax and non-tax revenues of the regions). This means the state debt is at a safe level. In general, the level of debt in the country is not growing, on the contrary, it even decreased slightly," Gornin said as quoted by the Accounts Chamber.