UAEU Participates In Various Activities, ‎competitions During Space Week

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 27th Oct, 2021) As part of the UAE University’s (UAEU) participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, the National Space ‎Science and Technology Centre (NSSTC) and ‎College of Science co-organised a series of events ‎and activities during "Space Week" from 17th to 27th October, 2021.

The activities ‎included workshops and events to ‎showcase research and development in various ‎areas of astronomy and space sciences, with students, faculty members and ‎visitors ‎participating. ‎ Prof. Ahmed Murad, Deputy Commissioner-‎General of the UAEU Pavilion at Expo 2020 and Associate Provost for Research, explained that the ‎NSSTC and College of Science "Space Week" ‎activities were organised in conjunction with the ‎Space Week, one of the ten thematic weeks ‎organised by Expo 2020 Dubai under the theme of ‎‎"Man and Planet Earth Programme". It discusses the benefits, solutions, and challenges of ‎exploring beyond the planet’s orbit and the ‎opportunities for exploration and the development ‎of space science‏.‏ ‎"In the backdrop of the emergence and rapid ‎growth of the UAE’s Space Sector, the UAE‎U’s collaboration with various country ‎pavilions, resulting in its active participation in several Space Week events is a ‎testament of the university’s contribution to the ‎development of Space Science and Technology R&D ‎and education ecosystem and its ‎commitment to help stimulate globally recognised ‎space-related activities in the country," Dr. Aquib ‎Moin, Associate Professor of Physics, UAEU. ‎ The UAEU pavilion conducted three ‎activities on research and development in radio ‎astronomy in collaboration with Curtin ‎University, Australia. Held at the Australia Pavilions, they included discussions on ‎innovative sensor systems, ground infrastructure ‎for radio astronomy and space science ‎observations and measurements, emerging ‎technologies, collaborative multi-station ‎operations, academic and technological research ‎and development, public awareness, and ‎prospects‏.‎ The French pavilion hosted an event on "Remote ‎Sensing and Earth Observation and Workshop", ‎to showcase current research ‎and development in remote sensing and ‎earth observation. The event featured talks and ‎discussions on topics related to remote sensing and ‎earth observation. As part of the event, the NSSTC ‎experts conducted a ‎‎"workshop" on earth observation with high-‎resolution imagery.‎‏ ‏ The "Education in Space Science and Technology: A ‎road to youth empowerment" event focused on the ‎strategic importance and the various elements of ‎the academic knowledge required to support the ‎rapidly growing global space sector. "‎Human Spaceflight and Robotic Space ‎Exploration" aimed to highlight the excitement and ‎scientific value of manned space missions and ‎introduce the audience to various aspects such as ‎the astronaut's experience, the possibility of ‎discovery, and the importance of human presence ‎in outer space‏.‏‎ The ‎Switzerland pavilion hosted these events.‎ Under a collaboration between the NSSTC, College ‎of Science, UAEU and the Intercultural and ‎Communications Institute (ISIT), France, several activities were conducted with liberal arts and sciences students to explore space in ‎the shape of a multi-faceted cultural and scientific ‎event. A French art and space documentary: "Inner ‎Telescope", presented the deployment of ‎artwork at the International Space Station. The ‎France pavilion hosted these events.‎