Italy Pavilion At Expo 2020 Dubai To Host Leonardo TeC Space Contest

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 19th Oct, 2021) As part of Italy Pavilion education events, Italy-based aerospace company Leonardo, together with its joint venture Telespazio, is bringing to Expo 2020 Dubai an important appointment for participants and curious about their #T-TeC contest.

The contest is an open innovation activity dedicated to all students and researchers from universities and research departments all over the world. It is aimed to valorise the ideas and intuition of young people, promoting development and technological innovation in the space sector and imagining the technologies that will mark the near future.

"Developing new space technologies allows us to better understand the changes taking place on our own planet, and contribute to a sustainable development," explains Luigi Pasquali, coordinator of Leonardo space activities and CEO of Telespazio.

"Innovating in space technology means investing in sustainability, but it is also true that innovation needs to be addressed to sustainability in Space, to avoid over-crowded orbits that could put at risk satellite services out lives rely on."

The appointment is Tuesday 19th at 11 at Italy Pavilion’s Amphitheatre, and students and researchers will be free to ask about #T-TeC2021 contest.