Ariana, PIA, Kam Air Resume Flights In Afghanistan - Taliban Transport Ministry

KABUL (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 16th October, 2021) Ariana Afghan Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Kam Air, Afghanistan's first private commercial airline, have resumed flights, agreeing to lower ticket prices, the Afghan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation said on Friday.

On Thursday, PIA suspended flights in response to pressure from the Taliban (terrorist organization banned in Russia), which demanded that the airlines reduce ticket prices to the level before the movement came to power in Afghanistan. PIA suspended flights to Afghanistan, citing gross interference in its activities.

"Ariana, PIA and Kam Air are resuming normal flights ... It was decided to lower the ticket price to normal levels," the ministry said in a statement.

After gaining complete control of the country in September, the Taliban said they would resume international flights and allow safe passage for Afghans who wish to leave the country in a bid to gain international legitimacy.

On September 20, the Kabul airport officially reopened for domestic and international commercial flights.