Mysterious Group Stabs Women In Area Of Morgah Police Station Rawalpindi

Mysterious group stabs women in area of Morgah Police Station Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi,(Pakistan Point News - 9 August,2016) : Fear engulf the city as mysterious group stabbed many women after dark. It often happen in the area of Morgah Police Station. In the latest attack, the group reportedly wielding a knife stabbed a nurse to death and injured two others on Sunday night. The perpetrators have wounded several women in the vicinity and police are already on a hunt for them, officials say. What has residents as well as authorities perplexed is the fact that the attackers make no demands and do not discriminate. They have been targeting women irrespective of age, attire and appearance. Around 25 women were injured with a knife-like object in the first three weeks of February this year.