Macron's Popularity Soars To 46% With Presidential Election In 7 Months - Poll

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 24th September, 2021) With only seven months before the presidential election, the approval rating of French President Emmanuel Macron has gone up by 6 percentage points in September, reaching 46%, according to an opinion poll carried out from September 22-23 by the BVA group in cooperation with Orange news and RTL France.

In August, Macron had a popularity rating of 40%, according to the BVA-Orange-RTL survey.

"Emmanuel Macron's popularity has significantly increased (46%; +6)," the survey report says.

It is also reported that approval of the president's actions has risen among all demographics, including employees and workers, who are usually hostile to the president.

"Emmanuel Macron is progressing in all demographics of the population, including those who are traditionally hostile to him, such as employees and workers. Socio-demographic division persists, but it is on the political level that the polarization remains the strongest: if Emmanuel Macron is approved by half of the supporters of PS (Socialist Party) (54%), EELV (Europe Ecology - The Greens) (47%) and LR (the Republicans) (50%), he is still overwhelmingly rejected by supporters of LFI (La France Insoumise) (67%) and RN (the National Rally) (75%)," the survey says.

Macron's current approval rating turned out to be higher than that of his predecessors seven months before the presidential election Nicolas Sarkozy's rating in September of 2011 was 32%; Francois Hollande's in September of 2016 was 18%, the BVA-Orange-RTL report says.

The recent opinion poll also reveals that the popularity rating of French Prime Minister Jean Castex has increased by 5 points since August, reaching 45% in September.

The French authorities announced that the first round of the 2022 presidential election will take place on April 10, and the second on April 24. Macron has yet to officially announce his campaign for reelection.