Sharjah Police Celebrates Saudi National Day With Festivities

Sharjah Police celebrates Saudi National Day with festivities

SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News - 24th Sep, 2021) The General Command of Sharjah Police, represented by the Punitive and Correctional Institution, Kalba Comprehensive Police Stations, and the Industrial Area Police, yesterday commemorated the 91st Saudi National Day, which falls on September 23 every year, with the motto " Saudi Arabia and UAE ever together ".

Sharjah Police started its celebrations by receiving Khaled Al-Zahrani, Saudi Arabia's Deputy Consul in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

He was welcomed by Brigadier General Ahmed Abdulaziz Shuhail, Director of Sharjah Police's Punitive and Correctional Institution Department, and Colonel Mona Sorour, Deputy Director of the Punitive and Correctional Institution Department.

Brigadier General Ahmed Abdulaziz Shuhail confirmed the Sharjah Police General Command's commitment to annually commemorate Saudi National Day, a momentous occasion that evokes strong emotions in the hearts of the Emirati people, noting, "We are pleased to join our Saudi brothers in celebrating the happy anniversary, which reflects the brotherly relationship, unmatched in the world."

On the other side, the Kalba Comprehensive Police Station and the Industrial Area Police Station celebrated Saudi National Day by delivering flags and symbolic presents to staff and customers, and draping the centres in the Kingdom's flags and green.