Former Agent Exposes Indian RAW Network In Pakistan


Former agent exposes Indian RAW network in Pakistan

Daniel in an interview to a local Indian channel has made these revelations, saying that he was arrested by the Pakistani forces before being released in 90s but still Raju, another spy, is still in Pakistan.

MUMBAI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 23rd, 2021) India is involved in subversive activities in Pakistan, an interview of former RAW agent exposed the bitter fact on Thursday.

An Indian tv interviewed a former agent named Daniel who shared in details that how he was sent by the infamous spy agency to Pakistan to make bomb go off.

Daniel said that he spied on Pakistan for India in the 90s and was arrested by the Pakistani forces. Daniel said that he spent four years in jail before he was released.

He confessed that Pakistan does not send spies in India to carry out subversive activities. Rather, India frequently sends spies over into Pakistani territory. He also named another spy Raju who he said was still in Pakistan.

The former RAW agent who runs a rikshaw to meet both ends meet also revealed that when he returned to Indian after undergoing imprisonment in Pakistani jail he was given only a meager amount of Rs 15,000 and fired from service.

During the interview, Daniel praised Pakistani people and openly said that the Indian government frequently sends spies to its neighboring country.

Previously, DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar had held a press conference in which he revealed that Indian intelligence agency RAW was paying Rs10 million to terrorists for carrying out suicide attacks in Pakistan.

"You can see a pattern of constant ceasefire violations," Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said last year during a news conference, as he sat with the DG ISPR.

"The world knows that when Pakistan was busy partnering in the peace process, India was laying a web of terrorism around us," he had said.

"India isallowing its land to be used against Pakistan for terrorism," the foreign minister had said.

"We have information and evidence that India is promoting terrorism and has developed a plan to destabilise Pakistan," Qureshi had said.

Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar had said that India had raised a militia of 700 people to undertake terrorist activities in Balochistan.

"A commission comprising 24 members was created, which included 10 RAW operatives. A sum of $60 million was dedicated for this force."

Fida Hussnain

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