The Arts Council Of Pakistan Karachi Hosts A Qawwali Night To Pay Homage To The Legendary Ustad Maqbool Ahmed Sabri On His 10th Death Anniversary

The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi hosts a qawwali night to pay homage to the legendary Ustad Maqbool Ahmed Sabri on his 10th Death anniversary

Shumail Maqbool Sabri performed to pay tribute to his father Maqbool Ahmed Sabri.

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 22th September, 2021) On the occasion of the 10th death anniversary of the legendary qawwal Ustad Maqbool Ahmed Sabri the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized Qawwali night, son of Maqbool Sabri, Shumail Ahmed Sabri paid homage to his father by singing his qawwalis in his performance. Expressing his views on the occasion, Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmed Shah said that Maqbool Sabri was a great man, he was the best artist of classical music.

Shumail Sabri is moving forward with the art of his ancestors, may Allah make him follow the footsteps of his ancestors, and may he get the same fame. It's joyful to see the children of the Sabri brothers together. "I am very grateful to the Arts Council for organizing this event, I am trying to carry forward the name of my family," said Shumail Sabri. The event was attended by Sabri's family and council members.