Tokyo Olympics: Arshad Nadeem Misses Out Medal But Wins Nation’s Heart

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Tokyo Olympics: Arshad Nadeem misses out medal but wins nation’s heart



All eyes were on how the Pakistani athlete performs as compared to his opponent Neeraj Chopra from India.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-August 7th, 2021) Pakistan’s star athlete Arshad Nadeem, who was competing in the Tokyo Olympics' javelin throw final on Saturday, missed out on a medal but won the nation over with the spirit and determination he displayed throughout the contest.

There were a total of 12 contestants taking part in javelin throw. All eyes were on how the Pakistani athlete performs as compared to his opponent Neeraj Chopra from India. The competition started at 4pm according to Pakistan Standard Time. In his first throw, Nadeem’s javelin covered a distance of 82.4 metres. India's Chopra threw his to a distance of 87.03 metres. India had secured 1st position at end of the first throw during action . In the second throw, Chopra scored a distance of 87.58m, whereas Nadeem's attempt resulted in a foul, because he crossed the line. The third throw resulted in Chopra scoring 76.70m and Nadeem, who was in the ninth spot, moving up to fourth place after scoring 84.62m.

Therefore, at the end of three rounds, Nadeem finished fourth and qualified for the final round.

Nadeem's mother stated that she was praying her son would bring home a medal and glorify Pakistan. She stated she was happy and proud of her son.

Nadeem's first throw resulted in a distance of 82.91m at the final throw while Chopra overstepped and got a foul.

Nadeem threw the javelin to a distance of 81.98 in the second row while Chopra overstepped yet again and got a foul.

In the third and final attempt, Nadeem was unable to have a valid throw counted as he overstepped the line. Chopra, meanwhile, threw the javelin at a distance of 84.24m. India's Chopra came in first with a score of 87.58m to win a gold, in a first for the country in the athletics category.

Czech Republic's Vadlejch came in second with a result of 86.67m and won silver, and Czech Republic's Vesely came in third with a score of 85.44m and bagged the bronze medal. According to the rules of the contest, in round one of the final competition, each contestant is allowed three attempts to throw.

This follows with the eight athletes on the top advancing into round two with three more attempts, while the rest are eliminated.

The best of the six throws are taken into account. Pakistan did not win an Olympic medal since 1992. The last Olympic medal for the country was a bronze, claimed by the Hockey team at Barcelona. Before that, Boxer Hussain Shah had brought an individual medal home in 1988. All of Arshad Nadeem's relatives, friends, and neighbors were very excited and confident that he will win a medal for the country at the Tokyo Olympics.

Tents and chairs were installed outside his house in Punjab’s Mian Channu and residents danced to the beat of drums. Meanwhile, in a statement, the PM Office prayed for the success of the star athlete.

“We pray for #ArshadNadeem's podium finish in the finals of the Men's Javelins Throw,” it said.

“With the nation's prayers and your hardwork, victory awaits you, insha'Allah.”

Arshad’s throw of 85.16m was the best in his group earlier, in the group stage of javelin throw. The attempt brought him into the final game on Wednesday, giving the nation hope of bringing a medal home.

Later, he stood third in the overall group stage with India’s Neeraj Chopra and Germany’s Johannes Vetter scoring first and second positions, respectively.

The 24-year-old athlete was considered one of the strongest contenders to win a medal.

With a season and personal best of 86.38m, Arshad put himself among the top athletes of the competition, with only three athletes — Johannes Vetter (96.29m), Neeraj Chopra (88.07) and Andrian Mardare (86.66) ahead of him.

Arshad is Pakistan’s national javelin throw champion, undefeated since 2015. However, he has broken his own national records seven times during the last six years.

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