Al Ain Municipality Conducts Study On Future Of Entertainment Facilities

Al Ain Municipality conducts study on future of entertainment facilities

AL AIN, (Pakistan Point News - 04th Aug, 2021) Al Ain Municipality has completed a study on the future of entertainment facilities in the city, in cooperation with UAE University (UAEU).

The study aims to improve local facilities and explore needs and aspirations of citizens and residents, as part of the municipality’s projects for the next 50 years, by implementing international best practices and providing more attractive entertainment and services facilities.

The study, which covered five key areas in the city, assessed international practices covering public services and entertainment facilities, to help offer innovative and cost-effective services and ensure that entertainment facilities are in line with the nature and culture of the community.

The study also aims to improve the community’s wellbeing and happiness and attract visitors to the city.

Tariq Abdullah Al Zarooni, Head of the Maintenance Division and Head of the Technical Services Operations Team at Al Ain Municipality, said that the study focused on how to leverage local and international practices related to entertainment facilities, exploring the needs of the city’s residents for entertainment facilities, and presenting a proposal on their future in Al Ain, as well as analysing the level of negative behaviours in entertainment facilities and finding appropriate solutions.

Dr. Mohammed Al Ghaly Khawjali, Member of the Study Team, highlighted the potential benefits of conducting the study, most notably in terms of achieving excellence in the entertainment facilities sector, reducing operational costs, ensuring resource sustainability, increasing visitor numbers, raising the satisfaction of local people, and providing new sources of revenue by encouraging investment.

The outputs of the study will help entertainment facilities in the future to employ innovative ideas and adopt global standards, he added.