PIA Utilized Hoard Image For Its Promotional Campaign

PIA utilized hoard image for its promotional campaign

Lahore (Pakistan Point News - 29th june, 2016) : Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) caused embarrassment as it hunched its dignity by using Indian hoard promotional image. PIA has initiated its Eid discount offer lately which gives a view of a family standing at an airport and carrying gifts while a carrier of PIA stands in the background. The airline has commenced a flat 25% discount on all nationwide flights during the Eid time, i.e. 7 July 2016 to 9 July 2016.

The image is edited and tempered the actuality of image which might give away the its origin. The images are available at PIA's Official Facebook Page The hoard image was taken from ImageBazaar, an Indian website which provides imperative resource for searching, purchasing and downloading Indian images. It has weird similitude with the image used by the PIA which indicates that the same image is being utilized by PIA for its promotional offer.

This promotional image was uploaded twice on the PIA's Facebook page with the certain changes to eliminate Indian cultural effect and to emit Pakistani culture. Though this image was removed soon after realizing the mistake but it was uploaded without changes with the courtesy of PIA's unofficial Facebook page which resulted extreme criticism for PIA. Actual advertised image expressed the traditional Indian outlook by showing Indian style dressing and "bindi" on female model's forehead.

Male model is dressed up inspired by the dressing of Narindra Modi. Editor successfully replaced the Indian aspects by zooming the image further which might reveal its actuality. PIA Facebook also deleted the image soon after realizing the flaws in it. In such case, it is not clearly shows that PIA bought these images or not but as a government owned company, it is very embarrassing for PIA to use and tempered the hoard image. Instead they should have utilized the local models for this promotional campaign.

PIA utilized hoard image for its promotional campaign