Mahnoor Shahzad Apologizes From Pathan Brethren Over ‘racist Remarks’


Mahnoor Shahzad apologizes from Pathan brethren over ‘racist remarks’

The badminton star says she never intended to pass any racist remarks  and posted her video messages on her social media accounts.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 29th, 2021) Mahnoor Shahzad, national badminton star and Tokyo 2020 Olympics, apologized from Pathan brethren, saying that she did not intend to pass any racist comments.

She made this apology through her social media accounts after a video interview of her went viral.

The badminton star was strongly criticized over her ‘racists remarks’.

In the video, Mahoor is seen saying that while she has received praise for her achievements, some fellow Pathan players are "envious" of her.

She also published a statement on her Facebook and Twitter account apologising for her statement.

“I am writing this apology for my Pathan brothers. In no way [did] I intend to pass any racist comments,” wrote Mahoor.

Mahnoor said that some Pakistani badminton players are running a negative campaign against her and she only referred to them in her video interview.

Mahoor apologised for hurting the feelings of her "Pathan brothers and sisters" and added that it would have been impossible for her to compete at the international level "without the love and support of Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis and Pathan brothers/sisters".

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