Local Press: UAE Leads The Way Forward To Help Nations

Local Press: UAE leads the way forward to help nations

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 29th Jul, 2021) "When it comes to helping other countries be in terms of aid, equipment or money, the UAE has shown that it is in the forefront," a UAE English daily pointed out.

Whether it is helping African countries facing critical conditions such as floods, treating those with major eye problems in Bangladesh, or heeding the cries of victims of earthquakes in Albania, Indonesia or Haiti, the UAE has shown that it is an extremely reliable helping hand during crises, observed Gulf Today in its editorial on Thursday.

Of particular noteworthy mention is the UAE’s honourable drive to help those hit by polio in Pakistan. The emirates have shown that they are solidly behind the South Asian nation in its hour of need, that they will not let the country down, the newspaper said.

The UAE has granted $23 million in funding for polio campaigns in Pakistan. For over seven years, the country has given over $200 million for polio eradication efforts in Pakistan.

This funding will help 16 million children in the highest-risk districts of Pakistan. Protecting children from an entire life of paralysis has been key to strengthening the ties between the two countries.

The zeal and determination behind the drive against polio in Pakistan have been the praiseworthy initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

Last year, the UAE Project to Assist Pakistan (UAE PAP) made it a point to ensure that close to 16 million children under five years received protection through repeated polio drives as part of the umbrella Emirates Polio Campaign.

It also guaranteed that all frontline workers in 84 districts received personal protective equipment and training to facilitate protection from COVID-19. It granted around $376,000 for the procurement of frontline worker personal protective equipment for protection against COVID-19 in 84 highest-risk districts. It just proves that the UAE is also the frontrunner in backing humanitarian initiatives during the pandemic across the globe.

As part of its mission to help all, the country has been at the forefront of aid efforts across the world.

A total of 2,154 tonnes of medical aid, respiratory, screening, personal protection equipment and detection tests were sent to 135 countries around the world.

There were nearly medical aid flights; six field hospitals were set up in several countries including Lebanon and Jordan, and there was one equipped medical clinic in Turkmenistan.

A hundred and seventeen countries received aid from international organisations’ warehouses in Dubai International Humanitarian City.

The UAE also provided $10 million aid in kind to countries in need during the coronavirus.

It all points out to the effectiveness of the UAE’s strategy in dealing with the crisis.

The decrease in the number of virus cases reflects a gradual return to a new normal life, with the economy on the rebound.

Officials also said that nearly 80 per cent of the total population received the first dose.

It is this gesture to help those who are in need that puts the UAE in a different league of its own. Arabs are known for their generosity and the UAE has proved that.

Because it adopted precautionary measures against COVID-9 on a war footing, it has enhanced its reputation and position among the best tourist destinations in the world.

The determination to keep the virus cases low comes amid the overarching fact that the UAE spares no effort in keeping its residents as safe as possible, and this includes health. No wonder tourists keep flocking to this nation, as even health safety reaches high levels here, concluded the editorial.