Noor Mukadam Murder Case: Ex-ambassador Launch Campaign To Raise Fund For Legal Fight


Noor Mukadam murder case: Ex-ambassador launch campaign to raise fund for legal fight

Association of Former Ambassador (AFA) General Secretary Sanaullah Mian has asked former ambassadors that they should not forget Mukadam family in legal fight against power family of suspect in Noor’s murder case.

ISLAMABAD: The Association of Former Ambassadors (AFA) on Wednesday launched a fundraising campaign to help Noor Mukadam’s family pay cost of legal fight against the suspect.

AFA General Secretary Sanaullah Mian had asked the former ambassadors that they should not forget Mukadam family in their legal fight against the suspect.

He said: “While we are emboldened by the courage and resolve of Ambassador Shaukat Mukadam, we should not forget that he needs our continued support till the perpetrator is punished,”.

He said that they should stand by him at all stages to ensure that justice was done without delay. The brutality of the crime had run the alarm bell for Islamabad and its bureaucracy.

“We also know that there are at least 50 to 80 hearings of a murder case in the lower courts. Each hearing costs money and needs committed follow up by parents and friends. In this case, we are facing a powerful family that is determined to defend the brutal act of their son, despite public outrage,”.

He said that Advocate Syed Iqbal Hashmi had presented his offer to assist in the case. However, the main lawyer would be hired by the bereaved family. The AFA president also appealed the former ambassador to contribute generously to AFA Fund Justice for Noor.

“Contributions may be sent in cash, cross cheque or online in a dedicated account that would soon be opened by Shaukat Mukadam,” AFA added.

Earlier today, an Islamabad court remanded Zahir Jaffer, the main suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, to police custody for another three days.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the judge asked what the prosecution has to say. Public prosecutor Sajid Cheema responded that CCTV camera footage of the incident had been acquired and suspect Zahir had to be taken to Lahore for a forensic exam of the CCTV footage.

The public prosecutor asked the court to grant an extension in Zahir's remand for another three days.

The Counsel of the suspect said that if any forensic exam was to be done, it should be done by taking photos. Weapons and mobile phones have been recovered, so no further physical remand is required, the lawyer argued.

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