Pakistan Grants Asylum To 46 Afghan Military - Reports

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 26th July, 2021) Pakistan has granted asylum to 46 Afghan soldiers in the northern Chitral region at the request of the Afghan national army, Radio Pakistan reported on Monday, citing the Pakistani army's press service.

The Afghan army reportedly asked for shelter and safe passage for its staffers because they could no longer maintain control over their posts on the border due to security threats emanating from clashes with the Taliban (designated terrorist and banned in Russia).

The Afghan military has been provided with food, shelter, and medical care in accordance with established military norms, the broadcaster said. They will subsequently be returned to the Afghan authorities, according to the report.

Violence has been on the rise in Afghanistan in recent weeks as the Taliban have stepped up their offensive after international troops began withdrawing from the country in May. The troop withdrawal was one of the points of the agreement that the Islamist movement and the United States reached in Doha in February of last year.