Taliban Urge Int'l Community To Assist Them With Handling Of COVID-19 Pandemic - Spokesman

KABUL (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 25th July, 2021) The Taliban movement (designated terrorist and outlawed in Russia) is calling on the international community and non-governmental organizations to assist it with combating the COVID-19 pandemic, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has told Sputnik.

"Now we have control over all rural areas of Afghanistan, there is need for medical assistance. We call on world countries and NGOs to come forward and help us in tackling the corona pandemic," Shaheen said.

The spokesman added that, according to the movement's health commission, while there is a dire need for COVID-19 vaccines and oxygen generators, "no one has helped us."

"They say we are doing our best to create awareness among people but don't have the necessary medicines and vaccines to cope with the growing pandemic," Shaheen stated.

The United States and the United Kingdom on Friday called on the Taliban to provide access for delivery of humanitarian aid to the areas that they control.