Biden Says Democrats Struck Infrastructure Deal With Republicans Without Raising Taxes

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 25th June, 2021) President Joe Biden said on Thursday that his Democratic Party has struck an infrastructure deal with rival Republicans with a Republican senator claiming no tax increases were involved.

"We've struck a deal," Biden said via Twitter. "A group of senators - five Democrats and five Republicans - has come together and forged an infrastructure agreement that will create millions of American jobs."

While no monetary value has been assigned to the measure, Biden had originally proposed a $2.3 trillion package but said would agree go lower after strong pushback from Republicans.

Earlier on Thursday, US media reported the two sides had come down to negotiating a $1 trillion deal.

Republican Senator Rob Portman said there would be no additional taxes under the infrastructure package.

"Both parties agreed on the price, scope, and method of payment for the infrastructure agreement," Portman said. "No tax hikes are involved."

Biden also said that the lawmakers agreed to replace all lead water pipes in the United States and upgrade the nation's power grid to make it more resilient to extreme weather. They also agreed to increase access to high-speed internet for every American at a reduced price for the service.

The deal also invests in rebuilding roads, strengthening levees along the US coastline, and expanding railroads across the country, Biden said.