Pulse Prices Hikes By PKR 30 Before Ramadan

Pulse prices hikes by PKR 30 before Ramadan

LAHORE, (Pakistan Point News – 19th April, 2017) : Pulse prices have hiked by PKR 30 before Ramadan. According to Retail Grocers Association within a week the prices of Daal Channa were raised by PKR 30 and are now in the market for PKR 230 per kilo, Daal Maash for PKR 210 per kilo and Daal Mung and Masoor for PKR 130 per kilo. It is because of the bad harvest of Daal Channa globally that has greatly affected the prices in Pakistan and worldwide. Moreover, containers at the port were also delayed for some reason due to which the pulse prices are high at whole sale rates.